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Sinkerlock / Lurelock

These fantastic devices are a simple to use, tough products that eliminate problems of damaged rods, reels, boats and vehicles and most importantly they prevent personal injury from swinging hooks and sinkers.

This is disruptive technology in that it changes the way we have gone about fishing for the last 100 years.

Remarkable Features:

- made of super tough material virtually indestructible

- uses heavy duty stainless steel spring and pin with fitted caps and guards built to protect your line

- 100% NEW ZEALAND designed

- holds 99% of sinkers, lures, jigs and tackle

- fits most rods like boats rods, soft bait rods, surf casters and spin rods


Nifty Boats

These multipurpose small crafts are ideal for fishing, diving, hunting, or exploring. Ideal for oceans, rivers, lakes or estuaries. One of the most user friendly economical vessels on the planet. 

Great alternative to a fishing kayak.

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A "simple but brilliant" idea

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